About Us

We are a fast growing Indian Pharmaceutical company, working relentlessly towards our goal of providing world class quality medicines at affordable prices. We have a comprehensive, diverse and highly complementary portfolio of specialty and generic products targeting a wide spectrum of chronic and acute treatments. Our product range includes generics, branded generics, difficult-to-make technology intensive products, over-the-counter (OTC), anti-retrovirals (ARVs), Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and intermediates. Our presence in a number of countries helps us in being responsive to local treatment needs while continually improving our global product offering. Our products are manufactured in accordance with the highest standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


Our mission is to Serve Global Healthcare needs through Empathy, Innovation and Technology. We will discover, develop and successfully market pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure disease. Our focus in on Quality not Quantity. We aim to achieve global acceptance of our innovations and products.


Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company in India and to become a significant global player by providing high quality products. We believe in making maximum contribution for the society and to make people’s life better. We will improve the quality of life by providing products which are Safe, Effective, High Quality and Affordable.

Our Values

  • Leadership
    Having a great idea and assembling a team to bring that concept to life is the first step in creating a successful business venture. While finding a new and unique idea is rare enough; the ability to successfully execute this idea is what separates the dreamers from the entrepreneurs. Demonstrate expertise and enthusiasm, delegate and empower, offer challenges and rewards and make sound professional decisions.
  • Communication
    Communicate openly and honestly, appreciate diversity of thought and action.
  • Teamwork
    Trust, share and challenge each other, be accountable and enjoy working together.
  • Innovation
    Encourage innovation, assess potential and deliver creative solutions.
  • Ethics
    Beyond compliance, practice a culture of integrity; respect the needs of all stakeholders.

  • Why Us


  • Our Advantages

  • Competitive Pricing
    We understand that our customers expect value-for-money & we work hard to make our customers satisfied.
  • Integrity
    Honesty and integrity are foundations of which our careers and our business have been built. We have a strong belief in setting the appropriate expectations and honoring our commitments.
  • Transparency
    We believe transparency and openness is the basis of any business relationship.We adhere to international business practices with our partners.
  • Long term strategic mindset
    We have a long term perspective on the products we bring to the market. We are looking to work with our international partners to develop and grow the market in a sustainable fashion.
  • A track record of results
    Our team has spent many years establishing and building our product markets in different parts of the world and is uniquely positioned to ensure the success of your products in your market.